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Genesis Yoga

by Jessica

One step. One pose. One day at a time.


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About Me

As an experienced Yoga Instructor, my goal is to help nurture the mind, body, and spirit as we seek connection and welcome transformation. I incorporate a variety of restorative movements, breathing, and guided meditation techniques throughout our practice. One step, one pose, one day at a time. Join me to make a positive change and awaken your inner strength, beauty, and guiding light. 

Yoga at Home
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"All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle"

-St. Francis of Assisi-


Customer Reviews

"I've been practicing yoga for a long time off and on and the kind of yoga Jessica practices seems to be the most efficient for me. Sometimes when I wake up with stiff muscles within minutes of practicing it goes away. I was never able to touch my toes until now and I'm finding that my mind is more calm. I love this type of yoga and her style of teaching. Thank you!!"

Julia - Lincoln, CA

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